Death Valley Farms
Packaging Design
Death Valley Farm Spirit Co. is a concept craft bourbon distillery inspired by the story of infamous Bootlegger George Remus. During the American Prohibition, it was the Bootleggers that had absolute power and control. No one was more powerful than the "King of the Bootleggers" himself, George Remus. Cincinnati, Ohio was where Remus set up his operation because of its proximity to America's legal prescription whiskey distilleries. Remus used his background as both a lawyer and pharmacist to distribute prescription liquors that he would in turn have stolen and sold illegally. The name of his operation was called Death Valley Farm, and it was located on the west side of Cincinnati. Remus' ego would eventually catch up with him and he would have to serve time in prison. While in prison, his wife Imogene would engage in a sexual affair with a Federal Investigator named Franklin Dodge. After Remus was released from prison, he gunned down Imogene in broad daylight near Cincinnati's Eden Park. The impending trial would make national headlines. Remus, representing himself in court, would get off on a plea of temporary insanity. He would never, however, regain his control of bootlegging and would fade into obscurity. Death Valley Farm Spirit Co. is resurrecting these Spirits with a Vengeance in three distinct whiskeys: Remus Single Barrel Rye, Dodge Single Barrel Bourbon, and Imogene Small Batch Blend.
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